Tulip instant full cream milk powder

milk powder

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Cow's full cream milk, emulsifier (soya lecithin), Vitamins and minerals
3 scoops of milk powder in 210ml water = 250ml of milk
Nutrients Units per 100ml per 27g portion
Energy kcal 511 138
kj 2130 575
Protein g 24.30 6.6
Carbohydrate g 38 10.3
Fat g 28.8 7.8
Vitamin A mcg 850 230
U.I. 1150 311
Vitamin D3 mcg 10 2.7
U.I. 270 73
Calcium mg 950 257
Zinc mg 0.3 0.1

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Milky trivia
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Superheroes drink milk too. After Batman, the Fantastic Four, Superman and The Incredible Hulk, even Wolverine from the X-Men was part of an ad campaign aimed at convincing teenagers to drink more milk.