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The Journey of Milk

From cow
to glass.
How does
milk travel?

It all starts with Passion.

That’s right, passion.

Passion creates happy cows. Happy cows are healthy cows and the produce milk. Lots of milk.

So how do we maintain the famous Dutch quality? And what does that even mean?

Dutch quality. What does that even mean?

In Holland we know what good fresh milk tastes like. We made it our goal to share this unique product with the world. When drinking Dutch milk, you can almost taste the land. So fresh.

When the flavour is perfect it’s time to send our milk to your glass. The journey continues.

Time to travel. So you can have your milk.

At Tulip we make sure your milk stays fresh all the way to your glass. Some products we turn into powder, to ensure the longevity, others just stay cool by itself.

Besides making our milk long-lasting, we also create flavours for everyone.

Milk for everyone. (except for birds)

Our milky products are loved by anyone, young and old. Natural or with a flavour, refreshing and nutricious, milk is good for everyone.

Everyone deserves strong bones.

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